In case anyone is counting, I haven’t been posting much recently… But, I have a good excuse!

For the past month or so, I’ve been going full tilt helping to put together the waste management plan for both Family Day and Kids’ Day. Family Day serves 20,000 people and Kids’ Day 16,000. Both days have switched supplies and have gone to compostable items!

Check out some photos from Family Day. We did super well in collecting compost! Almost no contamination. I’m very proud of the volunteers. (I almost said “my” volunteers but then they aren’t really mine! They are just awesome people who signed up to help me out. Most of them happen to be fantastic friends. 😉 )

I saw swan dives, superman flying and all sorts of acrobatics to prevent juice boxes from ending up in the compost and plates from ending up in the trash! In the end we produced very little landfill waste for an event with 20,000 attendees!