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My mom makes rice milk although I usually make almond or soy milk myself. All of them are quite easy!

You need to use organic ingredients when you make your own milk… This is not something you want to cheap out on.

Milks are best when stored in glass containers. Use old jars!


  • Oils do make things creamier so if you want, add sunflower oil before you blend it
  • Add your own sweatener (like maple syrup!)
Rice milk
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Rice milk
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  1. Wash the rice (wash again!)
  2. Put 8 cups of water in a big pot and bring it to a boil over high heat. Pour in the rice.
  3. Cover the pot and lower the heat to let the water simmer.
  4. Cook for 3 hours. It should look like soupy pudding.
  5. Add the salt.
  6. In batches, fill your blender halfway with the rice mixture and halfway with water. Blend until very smooth. Strain twice through a fine mesh strainer into a mason jar. Continue on with the rest of the milk until you’re finished, filling jars and screwing the lids on good and tight.
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