Fruit leather is easy to make, especially if you have a dehydrator with with fruit roll trays.

We purchased this one:,40733,44734,66386 and it works really well.

We typically use berries. Berries are awesome. We have also experimented with banana (don’t use too much) and things like sesame seeds. Sky’s the limit! It’s a great snack for being out and about as it’s like eating a giant bowl of berries in a bite. Plus, no additives or any other ingredient!

(PS. Please use organic fruits for this…)

Fruit leather
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Fruit leather
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  1. Combine fruit (try any combination!) in blender
  2. Blend.
  3. Make sure you oil the fruit roll trays. (Trust me. I tried once without that step, not good...)
  4. Spread the blended fruit on the trays. It needs to be even or else you will have holes in the fruit leather. It will shrink.
  5. Turn on dehydrator. The time it takes really depends on how much water there is in the fruit you chose and the type of dehyrator you have. This particular berry concoction took 7 hours at 58C.
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