I did this recipe with a couple of friends last summer and I have to admit, it’s a keeper.  We will certainly be doing it again.

I find smaller jars work better but here’s the recipe requirements:

Canning jars and lids: 14 pint jars,   7 half-pint jars

The recipe has THREE parts. You keep adding ingredients and canning as you go.


Canning notes from this recipe:

As all the jars cool, make sure the jar lids pop their seals by creating a vacuum as contents cool. You’ll hear them go “ping.” To double check, after they’re entirely cooled, push down on each lid’s center – it should feel firmly sucked down, not loose. (If a jar didn’t seal, refrigerate and use the contents soon.) The ring portion of the lid can be removed before storing; when processed properly, the dome lids will stay securely sealed until you open the jar with a can opener.

Label each product before you forget what’s what, and share with the friend who helped. The Barbeque Relish is great on broiled or grilled fish or chicken. The Sweet and Sour Sauce gives an Asian flavor to rice dishes. Chutney can perk up anything.

Barbara Kingsolver - Relish/Chutney in one day
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Barbara Kingsolver - Relish/Chutney in one day
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Part 1 - BBQ Relish
Part 2 - Sweet and Sour Sauce
Part 3 - Chutney
  1. Start with a very large, heavy kettle.
  2. Part 1: BBQ Relish Puree tomatoes; core and coarsely chop apples; coarsely chop onions. Combine in large pot along with the vinegar, sugar and seasonings. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 2 hours or until thick. Meanwhile, preheat water in a canner bath and sterilize jars and lids (in boiling water or dishwasher) and keep them hot until use. Fill 7 pint jars with some of the thickened Barbecue Relish, leaving ½ inch headspace in each jar. Put filled jars in canner with lids screwed on tightly and boil for ten minutes. Remove and cool.
  3. Part 2: Sweet and Sour Sauce In a separate pan, cook peaches and water for 10 minutes, until soft. Add sugar and bring slowly to boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Boil until thick (15 min.), stirring to prevent scorching.
  4. Add peach mixture to the remaining tomato mixture in the kettle and bring back up to a boil to make Sweet and Sour Sauce. Fill 7 pint jars leaving ½ inch headspace, boil in canner for ten minutes. Remove and cool.
  5. Part 3: Chutney Add raisins and walnuts these to the kettle, mix well and bring it back to a boil to make Chutney. Fill 7 ½-pint jars leaving ½ inch headspace. Boil in canner for ten minutes. Remove.
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