Better Back to School Brigade

Continuing on our Queen of Green theme that we started in the spring, here’s a new initiative!

It’s called the Better Back to School Brigaders. Here’s our advice for week 1: Top 10 Back to School Tips!


  1. Reduce packaging waste… everything from buying products with less packaging (cardboard, plastic wrap, etc.) to buying less processed food
  2. Buy used for your back to school supplies! Check out consignment clothes. Surf Kijiji or Craigslist for deals and save money too
  3. No plastic bottles: bring your own water bottles and avoid buying drinks from the vending machine
  4. Bring lunch in reusable containers
  5. Buy local – source out local producers for everything from food to pencil crayons
  6. DIY cosmetics, hand cream, lip balm, crafts like playdoh, etc. because it creates less waste and contains fewer toxins (browse this blog, there are lots of ideas! Or, just post a comment and we’ll help you out)
  7. Ride a bike or walk to school in good weather… (link to places to buy good used bikes), take the bus when the weather is bad
  8. Buy used books or e-books
  9. Reduce paper waste, buy recycled paper and think of creative zero-waste alternatives to cards on special occasions (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays)
  10. Talk to your friends about all your eco-friendly initiatives and encourage them to come up with creative solutions and share them too

And, if those aren’t enough tips, here’s more!