I’ve bought a few products from maku Naturals.  Marnie Eckberg is a wizard at making creams, scrubs, toner, cleanser, etc.

The items that I really like:

  • Deodorant spray – Lavender Vanilla
  • Face and body cream
  • Ageless night serum

The deodorant is phenomenal.  Compared to all the others ones I’ve tried (ie. all of them) it’s the only one that lasts until at least 3pm and I don’t smell!  It’s awesome.  The face and body cream is also really nice.  I like that I only need one cream and it just glides on.  We’ve made creams before that I also use but this one is amazing for my face!

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/MakuNaturals

Marnie will deliver to your home in Calgary for a $5 fee.  Always best to bulk order with some friends!

Last product list from Marnie: MAKU PRODUCT INFO 02.2015