There are a few local bread options in Calgary but at the top of my list is Aviv. Aviv and his sourdough bread…

I met Aviv a few years ago and continue to be surprised and encouraged by his little bakery that is no longer little! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work in a busy little bakery starting early in the morning. 😉

Check out:

  1. You can get bread delivered to your office (downtown) on Wednesdays
  2. You can buy bread off the bike cart Tues/Wed/Thurs on Stephen Avenue (apparently they sell sandwiches now!)
  3. You can drop by the bakery Friday/Saturday starting at 10am (even though it says it closes at 3pm there is usually nothing left by noon…)
  4. Scones are sold at Phil and Sebastian and a few other places around town. They are very good… Be careful with these.  They are addictive