One way to reduce the cost of buying local and organic foods is to buy direct from the farm. CSA’s is one way of doing this but buying clubs are another great alternative!

I have organized several group orders through Grainworks in Vulcan, AB. Most products come in 11KG or 22KG bags so often we share. However, it’s amazing how much flour a household can go through if you start baking more!

Grainworks caused us to reorganize our pantry. We now have big bins for all the staples and glass jars for easy access. We know where all of the ingredients come from and cornmeal actually looks like ground corn!

We have had to change our cooking style a bit to accommodate less processed grains. For example, if I make Corn Meal muffins, I typically soak the cornmeal with milk in the fridge overnight instead of just for a few minutes. The muffins are a bit crunchier but super good!

Contact me if you would like to order with the buying club or contact Grainworks to start your own! You need to order around 100kg to get free shipping but with a few friends, that is not hard… Ask if you have any questions about their different flours or grains. I have either purchased them myself or might know someone else who has.