We make frozen yogurt on a regular basis. There is no specific recipe so I’m just going to list the steps!

  1. Drain yogurt for a few hours. I use a colander lined with cheese cloth placed over a large pot
    • you’ll notice the “whey” collects in the pot. It should be clear
    • We usually drain abut 3 cups of yogurt as that’s what will fit in our ice cream maker
  2. Make a syrup (e.g. berries)
    • cook berries on the stove with a bit of water (maybe 1 or 2 Tbsp)
    • add some sugar or honey (we find the honey makes it so that it doesn’t really freeze, but it tastes yummy!)
    • cook until the berries are broken down
    • mash and strain if you want (depending on the berry, you may or may not like to strain it)
    • add lemon juice and some lemon zest if you like
    • taste it! make sure it’s yummy and quite sweet
    • chill it in the fridge for a few hours. It can be easier to make this the day before and just put it in the fridge
  3. Without a syrup
    • Vanilla is easy to make without doing a syrup
    • Just add sugar (or other sweetener) and vanilla (either liquid or I like vanilla powder, available at The Light Cellar)
  4. Add syrup to drained yogurt
    • usually we put everything in a bowl and use a whisk to combine
  5. Add mixture to ice cream maker
    • depending how warm it is out, you’ll need to make sure that the mixture you put into the machine is cold. If it’s cold outside, then you can put something not totally chilled and leave the machine on outside (we put ours on the patio!). Otherwise, if’s it’s warm out, you need to make sure your mixture if very cold.
  6. Voila!