After reading articles showing links between anti-perspirants and cancer, I decided I had to kick the habit…  As much as I love my anti-perspirant, it had to go!

I have spent over two years trying to find an alternative solution. It has been a challenge…  I sweat. I sweat a lot. Now, I can handle having sweaty armpits but my problem is that I went from being able to wear a dress shirt two or three times, to a single wear…  That’s extra laundry, extra ironing, and unslighly stains on my shirts.  🙁

Products I have tried:

Newest and greatest product I found:

Apparently the best combination (according to Lush sales girls) is to first use the T’eo product, then apply the Greeench powder…  They were sold out of T’eo when I was last at Lush (I tend to avoid mall’s these days so I may just order it online now that I’ve discovered it!). However, all of the sales girls who were in the store that day said they use a two prong approach to deoderants.

So, there you have it! Try out Greeench. It really is awesome.

My next to-do is to find some sort of make up brush to apply the powder as using my fingers has resulted in Greeench powder all over the bathroom counter… 😉

PS I was not able to fix the exact product on but you can look up the other Lush products here:  I was sad to see them rated orange…  I usually try for green ratings.