Meghan and I are a bit crazy.  Meghan just finished school and was going to enjoy some “down time” over the summer.  I am five weeks away from giving birth to my second child.

We were looking for a way to get the green living lessons we’ve learned out to our friends, families and the public in a palatable way and more directly than through this blog.  Be careful what you wish for.  Meghan got a newsletter from the David Suzuki Foundation on their Queen of Green program where volunteer coaches get training from the foundation and help five families tackle four green living themes over 8 weeks on topics of waste, toxins, food and community.

We thought we’d apply as co-coaches and see what happens.  We got picked!  Now we have a new volunteer gig with the David Suzuki Foundation and it starts tomorrow!

We need five families to help us out and who want to learn more about green living.  We will be meeting with you regularly to discuss where your family is at now and where you want to be in 8 weeks.  More than 50 families across Canada have participated in this program and 80% have reported embracing permanent change.  Will you join us?