I went to a wonderful class tonight at the Cookbook Co Cooks! It was called “Spilling the Beans” taught by none other than famous Calgarian Julie Van Rosendaal. (http://dinnerwithjulie.com/)

Julie has a book out with nothing but bean recipes. This is really wonderful because there are so many local varieties of beans grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan!


While everything we cooked in the class was vegetarian, the cookbook is nice because there are many recipes with meat. Highly recommend: Black Bean Brownies.


I don’t buy cans of beans but you can always use beans you cook yourself. Overall, I’m happy that the book has almost no canned goods or anything that is canned is easily substituted for something fresh.

While I can’t say I learned anything eye-poping in this class, it was very fun to get together with other people and cook. It’s nice to get excited about doing something new in the kitchen.