While the Calgary Film Festival is not as famous as the Toronto Film Festival, it does have an impressive array of films for every taste! Check out the website here: https://www.calgaryfilm.com/ There are over 150 films being screened! While I wouldn’t say I am a film guru by any means, it is fun to see films that are not mainstream Hollywood.

You can still buy a 10 pack ticket deal for $110. Otherwise, if you buy tickets in advance, they are $13 per ticket.

My husband and I are going to the “Green Gala” next Monday but I now see that it is sold out: https://www.calgaryfilm.com/2012/schedule/film/2413/ We are really looking forward to that!

We also bought the Doc Soup subscription. We have been going to Doc Soup for about 3 years and have enjoyed the films. Sometimes the film is outstanding, sometimes it’s not something we would have chosen to see. The films area always interesting! They screen every month on the first Wednesday at 7pm in Kensington at The Plaza. Afterwards, there is guest speaker to discuss the subject. Often it’s the producer but could be someone who has a similar story or who is knowledgeable in that area. Overall, we highly recommend buying the Doc Soup series tickets! (PS Almost every film sells out so it’s much more convenient to have a subscription than waiting in line outside in the winter “hoping” to get a ticket”.) https://www.calgaryfilm.com/docsoup/