We have been subscribing to Bullfrog Power for about 3 years. We think this is worthwhile.

It may not seam like our $10/month is really doing much but it’s such a larger long term project to switch to more renewable sources of energy.  Of course, the first step should always be to reduce our electricity consumption but the next step is to try and find cleaner sources of energy.

According to the website, our household has helped contribute to these reductions in emissions:

CO2 (tonnes) NO (kg) S02 (kg) High-level radioactive (g)
Green Electricity reductions 12.0 33.2 64.4 0.0
Green Natural Gas reductions N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Emissions reductions 12.0 33.2 64.4 0.0

The Calgary Public Library has “Kill-a-watt” devices available for check out. These are super handy as you can plug in the device and figure out how many watts of energy your appliance consumer over a day. They are expensive to buy but lucky for us the library membership is only $12/year!! Enmax provided the Kill-a-watts to the libraries. 😉

We know there are lots of resources out there to help us all reduce our electricity consumer. Consider opening a Bullfrog Power account. Besides reducing emissions, Bullfrog is also a wonderful source of information about the energy industry in Canada.