I know I have been absent from posting for a few weeks…  I had an exam to write so I dropped off the earth for a bit!

Did anyone else notice how, on August 13th, Calgary went back to being crazy? I went from a nice bike ride to work to chaos, honking, and cars zooming around me! There must be some critical mass that turns people from “normal” to “crazy”. I was quite enjoying my summer bike rides but they are noticeably more unpleasant by the day…

Tonight and last Monday my husband and I went on a Botany walk with Gus. Gus is one of those people that you really admire when you meet! Gus came to a Star Party we attended last summer and since then, we’ve been hooked.

Gus sends out an email every week with the walks for the week. Each week has 4 walks (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) at a particular location in Calgary. You meet at the location and Gus or another leader such as Karl talks about the flora (and often birds) in the area. Lots of discussion around invasive species and their impact on the ecosystem. Mostly it’s people who just love plants! There is no charge for the walk.

If you would like to get on Gus’s emailing list, let me know and I will send the information.