Nawal El Saadawi

Oct 31 2015

Every so often you run into fantastic news articles (that are longer than two paragraphs) that really renew your hope for humanity!

I ran into this article on The Guardian:

It’s about Nawal El Saadawi.  A woman I had never heard of.  Nawal is Egyptian, and an activist and writer. She is now over 80 I believe… Nawal fought and continues to fight again female genital mutilation (shocking this still happens in 2015) and women’s rights.


The article is worth the time to read.  I believe that women (such as myself) are still oblivious to the reality of what life might be like if we had no rights. And, having older women who have lived through so much tell us a different perspective on veiling. While we do talk about free choice and I do not believe banning something ever works, we should understand the subtle pressure for women to hide, to be less than a man. These are all learned ideas and behaviours. If we teach them, then we are open to teaching new things as well.  Our society, even in Alberta, is still far from treating men and women as people. We are still in this world of “us and them”. I have no idea how to get out of it but I really wish we could hurry it up.

If we did just view people as people, we could create so much on our planet! We could protect our natural world and participate in it without destroying it. We could live without poverty. We could explore our solar system. We could do amazing science. But instead, we focus on us, them, they are not like us. So we put our energy and money into hoarding, into making sure we have more and are more than others. We believe we are better than “other” people.

It is inspiring to read about Nawal and her spirit. She is someone who will never give up and will risk everything to send her message that people should be treated as people. That we all need to respect each other.

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Grist – Farm Size Matters series

May 25 2015

There are some great articles on here about small scale farming in the States.  Take a look!

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Water – Good Documentary

May 25 2015

It seems we don’t want to believe our own observations…

Last Call at the Oasis


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To Almond or Not to Almond

Apr 21 2015

We like to simplify problems.  To solve the water crisis in California, we’ll just stop buying almonds.  Well, if only problems were that simple!  We would have figured everything out a long time ago if that was the case.

Here’s a good article that explains more of the complexity of the problem:

(I really like that news site…)

Often what needs to change is policy.  Let’s work on that instead!

On the policy concept, take a look at this article (yes, US based):

I think it’s time we changed the rules of the game!

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Photos – Extreme examples of what we are doing to the planet

Apr 21 2015

While I know some of these pictures have been around for a while, it’s good sometimes to remind ourselves that our impact is not negligible.

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maku Naturals

Apr 21 2015

I’ve bought a few products from maku Naturals.  Marnie Eckberg is a wizard at making creams, scrubs, toner, cleanser, etc.

The items that I really like:

  • Deodorant spray – Lavender Vanilla
  • Face and body cream
  • Ageless night serum

The deodorant is phenomenal.  Compared to all the others ones I’ve tried (ie. all of them) it’s the only one that lasts until at least 3pm and I don’t smell!  It’s awesome.  The face and body cream is also really nice.  I like that I only need one cream and it just glides on.  We’ve made creams before that I also use but this one is amazing for my face!

Check out:

Marnie will deliver to your home in Calgary for a $5 fee.  Always best to bulk order with some friends!

Last product list from Marnie: MAKU PRODUCT INFO 02.2015

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Documentary – Merchants of Doubt

Mar 09 2015

I remember a friend telling me a long time ago about the concepts explained in this documentary. It’s almost hard to believe but we know that power controls what we learn through the media.  I saw this crazy article today on Grist that is related to this documentary:

I’m glad these film makers exist and work so hard to research their version of the truth! Films are one of the mediums that is very accessible to large numbers of people (versus, say, books or magazines that not as many people read). It also means that when I say something I can say “look, it’s in this documentary!  I didn’t make it up”. 😉

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Eagle Creek CSA is open!

Feb 16 2015

Eagle Creek CSA is now open for registration! Amazing new options this year. Fruit and/or vegetables!  Sign up quickly… This one sells out every year.

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Country Thyme Farm – CSA is open!

Feb 09 2015

Country Thyme farm is open for CSA registrations!

Country Thyme has various shares including:

  • Vegetables
  • Duck Eggs
  • Poultry (Chickens, ducks, geese)

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Documentary – Poverty Inc

Feb 09 2015

This documentary was screened a couple of weeks ago. I hope it will be shown again!

It looks like a good documentary outlining how the position of power in the west enables us to profit even from poverty!

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