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Jul 22 2014

I’ve read quite a few books recently that were eye opening and books I would recommend that everyone read!

Here’s my favourites:

Chris Turner’s The War on Science:

This is a very eye opening book. All Canadians need to read it. It’s at the library. Our government is currently mortgaging our future for very short term profit focused on resource extraction. Our government is ensuring our scientific community does not get the support it needs to do basic science research and ensuring scientists can’t speak out. This book made me sad and I can only hope that enough of us care about science and resource extraction alternatives to change our current policies. I think if most Canadians knew about what’s going on, they would not support the decisions.

Charles Einstein’s Sacred Economics:

The book is actually free! Although, I did end up buying a copy as I enjoyed it so much. Basically, how do you keep money around but ensure that it doesn’t end up with the unequal distribution we have today?  And, how do we protect the commons from becoming private property? The last piece is ensuring that manufacturing includes costs that today are externalized. It a very upbeat book about how we already are changing our society to be more gift focused and the steps it takes to get there.

Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction:

Well, if you want a more depressing book, this is it! The book describes (with lots of detail) how humans are currently causing the sixth great extinction on our planet. Period.

Peter Ladner’s The Urban Food Revolution:

This book has lots of Canadian and US examples of really positive food/growing ideas that are changing our perception of food. The book lays out lots of good and bad consequences of a urban food production model. In essence, amazing things are happening that are not really covered in the media. People do want to not only know where their food comes from but also participate in the process. Lots of room for enterprising people who can see niches in connecting people to food when we aren’t dealing with giant farms and giant trucks.


All these books are at the Calgary Public Library!

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Documentary – The Spirit Level

Jul 22 2014

This should be a fantastic documentary!

They are still crowd funding to try and finish the film.  The book is very good at explaining why inequality is bad for our society.

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Documentary – Toxic Hot Seat

Jul 22 2014

This is a great documentary about the fire retardant chemicals.

It’s free to watch until July 25th here:

It’s positive in that it shows citizens can in fact fight industry but sad in that we think the government is supposed to protect us, but it doesn’t.

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Asparagus Mustard Pickles

Jun 16 2014

This recipe is from the Edgar Farms Asparagus Recipe book. We made these last year and they were fantastic!

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Country Drive

Jun 12 2014

Here’s something fun to do this summer!!

There are 4 weekend throughout the summer where you can go and visit farms. It’s certainly worth your while to take the family out and see how some of our food is grown!

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Pickled Asparagus

Apr 18 2014

Almost that time of year again!  May-June is Asparagus time in Alberta!

Last year we bought lots of Asparagus from Edgar Farms. These pickles we made were amazing.

I did not use green bell pepper.  I substituted either red or yellow.

Source: Bernardin Complete Book of Home Preserving edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine

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Reusable pads – more companies!

Apr 13 2014

Reusable pads are catching on!

Here’s another Canadian company:

This is great news to see how much advertising this company is getting. Hopefully more women make the switch!

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Apr 09 2014

Documentary called “Home”.

It was released in 2009 as a call to all of humanity. Certainly worth watching and a good way to get those around you motivated.

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The world is changing – faster than we think

Apr 07 2014

It looks like this is actually a series.  It’s on youtube:

Yes, it’s depressing. It links climate change to war and other civil unrest.

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Slums – Book Club

Apr 05 2014

Today’s book club is about slums.  And, front page news is this:

One of the chapter’s in Mike Davis’ book (Planet of Slums) is about “beautification” and how slums have to be “dealt with” before big events.  These articles only tell part of the story of the reality of those who live in these places. Governments like to criminalize being poor and so crime or violence is used to justify the military presence. The prevalence of slums on our planet is far greater than us living in Calgary can imagine. Slums may very soon be more prevalent than organized cityscape.


Planet of Slums

Planet of SlumsMike Davis; Verso 2007WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 


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